Montgomery Ranks Top 10 in Safest Driving Cities


By Ellis Eskew

Montgomery ranks in top 10 of safest driving cities, according to

Driving in Montgomery definitely has people talking.

"Especially on I-65 when drivers, ok if I'm in the passing lane, don't jump in front of me! That's a no-no, don't do that! Breaking, too much breaking. Speeding when it's raining. Just crazy," said Renee Nettles.

Many people who live or work in Montgomery tell us they were shocked the Capital City was in the top safest cities for driving.

Keesha Jones says, "think about the number of accidents we have on a daily basis when it rains, snow, anything other than sunshine in this city. I can not believe we made that survey. I can't believe it."

But others can believe that Montgomery is at the top....

Louise Knight tells us,  "I do. I used to live in Georgia too. And yes, compared to Georgia, yes."

For those who travel though Montgomery on a regular basis, have another perspective.

 "I wouldn't say Montgomery's the worst. I've driven here a little bit to see some crazy things but I was a little surprised. Maybe they are too crazy to get hit," said Robert Galke.

Others tell us you just need to mind the rules of the road and you'll be ok.

"You keep a safe distance you won't have a problem. You use your turns signals, you're not going to have a problem," said Jesse, another driver.

Huntsville was ranked 7 on the top 10 list of safest driving cities.

Fort Collins, CO was ranked first.


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