New Bill Could Raise Alabama's Minimum Wage


By Alabama News Network

Alabama is one of five states without any minimum wage law, but there's a bill in the state house right now that's looking to change that.

It would allow Alabama to set it's own minimum wage instead of relying on the federal government. 

The bill wants to gradually increase the minimum wage to $9.80 by 2016. The current federal minimum wage which we use in the state is $7.25.

The minimum wage in Alabama is currently set by the federal government. 

State Representative Daario Melton of Selma wants Alabama to take control of the state's wage. 

"We have people who are republican who are the working poor. We have democrats, independents who are the working poor. So the bill itself is not partisan and it's for all Alabamians. We're talking about lifting over half a million people out of poverty just by increasing the minimum wage,"said Rep. Melton.

But Governor Robert Bentley isn't sure that increasing the minimum wage is the best way to help Alabamians. He wants to focus on bringing more high paying jobs to the state.

"Obviously I want everyone to make as much money as they possibly can. The problem with raising the minimum wage will be that the company either cannot expand or hire more workers or they will have to pass that on to the customer," said Governor Bentley. 

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