"No Tipping" Restaurant Trend: Good or Bad Idea?


By Ellis Eskew

     Some restaurants across the country are saying no to tips.
     Instead, they say they would rather pay their staff more money to make up the difference.
     But that is not sitting well with people here in the capital city.

Receiving tips for service well done...
Bridgett Rose has been a server for 5 years at Montgomery's Dreamland BBQ.
And you could say those tips are her bread and butter.

 "That is the way I live. What people fail to realize, the only thing we make as servers is 2.13 an hour. Everything else, that's what we live on is tips. So if we don't make tips, we don't live," said Rose.

Servers we talked to agree that getting that extra cash not only helps their wallets... But also YOUR service.

 "You are going to work harder because you know you are working for that little bit extra from the person. You want to make somebody's day. You want to make an exciting experience for them. So when they come in you want them to feel what you feel," said server John Vaught.

People we talked to agree that they don't mind paying the tip.

 "They get honored by how much you tip 'em. So I think they should allow them to get the tip," said Barbara Harrington.

L.T. Rhodes agrees. "I like to pay for the service.... That's what I do," said Rhodes.
 "You have to have good service to get good tips," said Rose.


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