Old Cloverdale Break Ins Cause Concern


By Alabama News Network

Some residents in Old Cloverdale say they're worried about their safety.

Several cars and homes have been broken into recently, leaving homeowners concerned. 
The streets are very quiet here, but there have been several home and car break ins lately. 
That has some homeowners taking things into their own hands. 
Cars line Woodward Avenue in the Old Cloverdale Historic Area.
It creates opportunities for thieves looking for a quick score.
"I have heard there have been some car break ins on our street. I don't know that they've taken anything but they have done a lot of plundering around. Taking things out, throwing things around and such. Not only car break ins, but we've also had lawn equipment to disappear," said Tony Hickman, President of the Old Cloverdale Association.
Hickman says he's worked closely with police to bring more patrols to the area. 
"We've had luck with them putting roadblocks in. That doesn't seem to bother anyone to be stopped and checked. They know who's going through the neighborhood now, whether they should be here or not," said Hickman.
With all the crime, he installed security cameras in his home. And he's not the only one. 
Nic Perry and Sandi Percival bought a home surveillance system after a break in earlier this year. 
The couple's dogs weren't enough to stop the suspects, so they've stepped things up.
"I wish we didn't have to do that. I moved to cloverdale because I thought it was a safe area. Even when he called the police about our break in, even when the officer responded to our break in and we were talking to him, we were shocked," said Percival.
She says the community has really come together, especially on a website called nextdoor.com.
"It's sort of like the facebook of neighborhoods. You go in there and you can post whatever you want and only your neighbors can see it. People have been posting details about their break ins and what they've heard back from MPD about it so we can communicate with each other and stay vigilant," said Percival. 
While Montgomery is seeing fewer homicides than last year, we're about the same when it comes to non violent crimes like burglaries. 
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