Preparations For Freezing Temperatures


By Amanda Wade

With low temperatures in the single digits and highs below freezing, Montgomery residents are preparing to bundle up and stay indoors, and the main concern for some parents, like Gavin Arita, is keeping their kids warm in the biting chill.

"Just worried about our kids. We want to make sure that they're warm when they go outside so we're going to try and make sure we have enough clothes and layers for them," he says.
Others are letting faucets drip in hopes that pipes won't burst in the next several days. And they are bringing their furry friends inside to keep them safe from the cold.
But at home improvement stores like Lowe's, managers say they are sold out of faucet plugs and weather prepping materials, so they're giving customers creative tips to battle frozen pipes.
"You can tie socks, shirts, cloths, you know, shop towel and duct tape them. Anything to keep the wind off of it," says Lowe's employee, Calvin Lake.
But some Northern natives say they aren't worried about the temperatures because they are used to braving much colder weather than we will see in the South.
Mark Naylor, visiting Montgomery from Cincinnati, says, "Yeah well very cold here obviously, and I think they're expecting like 13 below in Cinci, so we're actually going to be happy to be here at 7 degrees."
Auto parts stores also warn drivers to let cars warm up before driving them to prevent engine damage and trouble.
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