Prom Policies Changed After Discrimination Outrages Parents And Students


By Amanda Wade

Greenville High School's Prom is coming up and rules for the big night were sent out to students, but now they are causing a stir on social media.

Butler County Interim Superientendent Amy Bryan would not tell us who sent out at set of prom rules to Greenville High School students stating only traditional couples would be allowed at the prom. The rules have been rescinded, but it left parents and students outraged.

There are over 100 comments and counting on one Facebook post about prom rules given to Juniors and Seniors at Greenville High School. It says only male and female couples would be allowed to attend the dance, "We admit there was a mistake made, a big one, on discrimination in a school, and we have corrected it just as fast we possibly could, and in the best way that we knew how. And Butler County Schools is not about discriminating against any kind, any certain person," says Butler County Interim Superintendent, Amy Bryan.

Bryan says the original rules were discriminatory. She says they were handed out last week to students.  Students like high school senior Sarah Smith, who was directly affected because she is gay, "There was actually a straight girl sitting beside me, and she was getting more mad than I was about it. So that made me feel pretty good to know that somebody was on our side," says Smith.

Smith says she decided she wanted to see a change, and took to Facebook with a friend to bring the issue to light, "Me and one of my friends, we actually got together and we actually wrote a post on Facebook and it just went from there. Today they lifted it, so we can pretty much take whoever we want to prom now, so we're all excited about that."

Bryan says a new set of rules was given to students Wednesday morning removing the restriction on same sex couples. She says she has no comment on if disciplinary actions will be taken against the administrator who sent the memo out, "I feel like it will be discussed in a board meeting. In an executive session where we don't destroy the good name and character of any administrator."

Bryan also says she doesn't feel it will be necessary to approve documents before administrators send them to students in the future because she says they have learned from their mistake.

The State School Board says they have no specific policies that directly address same sex couples going to prom, but they ask all schools to be mindful of state and federal laws regarding discrimination.

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