CHHS Grad Recovers From Gunshot Head Wound, Graduates

Graduates all across our area are crossing the stage to get heir high school diplomas. It's a milestone for many, but for one graduate, this school year was much more challenging than passing quizzes and final exams.

Hyundai Suppliers Celebrate 10 Years of the Montgomery Plant

Workers at Hyundai suppliers throughout the area are celebrating their contribution to the Montgomery plant, which is celebrating 10 years of building cars.

Workers at Montgomery's Hyundai Plant Celebrate 10 Years of Making Cars

As workers at Montgomery's Hyundai plant celebrate 10 years of building cars, tour groups got to take part in the celebration.

Quest for the BCS: Auburn Defense vs. Florida State Offense

On Friday, the focus in California was how Auburn's defense will stop Florida State's offense, which is led by Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston.