Rep. Alvin Holmes Defends 'Uncle Tom' Comments


By Ashley Thompson

Representative Alvin Holmes is making national news for his comments about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

But Holmes is now defending himself, saying some of his comments were twisted and misinterpreted.

It's being reported that democratic Representative Alvin Holmes called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom on the floor of the state house and said he doesn't like Thomas because he's married to a white woman. But Holmes tells us that's not exactly what he said.

"I said some people might think that I'm against him because he happened to be married to a white lady. That has nothing to do with it."

Holmes says he's against Thomas because of his politics but does admit to calling him an Uncle Tom.

"I think he's an Uncle Tom," he says. "I think he's one of the biggest Uncle Toms that ever lived in the history of the world because of his politics."

Those comments are now taking over the internet on blogs and social media.

Another Holmes was on the house floor that day, Representative Mike Holmes, and says he did hear some of what was said.

"There was a question buried in there somewhere after he went on and on about Clarence Thomas," he explains. "The fact that he wanted to be a surveyor, which was his real ambition but he couldn't do that so he became a Supreme Court Justice."

He says Holmes talked about several topics during his time on the floor and says some of his comments actually lightened the mood. But he tells tells us he's not surprised that the conversation turned racial.

"He had used the reference to Clarence Thomas earlier and it was typical of what I've heard from him before. It's kind of a distraction to get to his point."

And Alvin Holmes wants to make another point...that he's not against interracial marriage.

"I think it's awful for somebody to put out something false like that."



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