Local Restaurants See Boost from Social Media


By Ellis Eskew

 Many local restaurants are seeing a spike in their business without even having to pay for advertising... all thanks to modern technology.

When it comes to winning business, word of mouth may be the oldest and most traditional way to do it, and these days, posting a picture of your meal could help make it or break for a restaurant.

Montgomery Facebook page "Lunch in the Gump" is one example.

"You show pictures of your food if it's wonderful, show pictures if it's awful. Talk about experiences you have in the restaurant," said co-moderator Mark Anderson.

"Lunch in the Gump" was created as a fun and witty way for friends to share their local restaurant experiences.
But now the group has a 32 hundred member following and moderators say much of that growth has happened in just the past month.

"It's surreal to be totally honest. It's one of those things that it's a facebook group,  doesn't seem like it should be that big of a thing, but keeps growing. It's absurd," said co-moderator Will Steineker.

And it's actually helping restaurants gain business. Seafood Bistro, for example, is a small family run restaurant located inside a gas station.

 "It really has. It's helped us out a lot. It's also helped people feel more comfortable coming to a gas station to have a simple lunch or simple dinner ," said co-owner Jessica Do.

Other local establishments feel the same way.

 "A really helpful tool to help get the word out there because we don't have a lot of advertising dollars as some of these  big corporation chain do," said Chef of "True" Restaurant, Wesley True.

It's helping to create a win-win for the customer and the restaurant owner.

"These folks are just looking to put their food out there and see what happens. And if the response is good, and people are talking about it, that can change stuff. That's a game changer," said Steineker.


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