Severe Storms Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Road Damage In Covington Co.


By Amanda Wade

Nearly 20 roads in Covington County are closed after this week's storms swept away pavement and water flooded the area.

People who live on T.T. Clark Road in Onycha say they have not seen storms do this much road damage in many years. Splitting their road in two after heavy rain caused flooding in parts of Covington County, "I was really surprised, you know? I wasn't expecting this. At all. I've seen it in the past when it was a dirt road, but it's been many years since it was blowed out like this," says Joe Johnson, who has lived on T.T. Clark Road for his entire life.

Covington County Assistant Engineer, Lynn Ralls, says of the damage, "It's pretty much a definite line basically from the Wing area, Pleasant Home area, up to this Onycha area. If you could just draw a line from the South West part of the county up here to the Onycha area, pretty much following the Yellow River Basin, that's pretty much it."

Engineers also say some roadways do not look damaged from the pavement, but do not let that fool you. Roads like Glen Chambers in Florala have significant flooding under the asphalt which they say could take four to six weeks to repair, "Just based off the estimates that I've seen, the damage I've seen with Glen Chambers and T.T. Clark Road, I'm estimating probably 20 to 30 thousand at a minimum on those roads, as of right now," says Ralls.

Some residents say they hope to see a change in rebuilding the roadways, so that flooding does not cause this same problem in the future, "Well, a bridge more or less would be a permanent fix. Pipes, they go bad eventually. Pipes rust out and start leaking. Eventually the road will fall in again," says Johnson.

Engineers are asking the community to use extreme caution on roads. If you see water across the road, they say not to drive on it, because you never know how deep the water really is or the damage underneath it.

If you see road damage, call The Covington County Engineer's Office at 334-428-2620.

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