South Alabama Battles Ice


By Amanda Wade

South Alabama is battling ice, and it's a cause for concern for county and city officials. 

As ice builds on the roads and power lines, authorities are preparing to handle emergencies as they arise. Officials went around to businesses in Greenville, recommending they close their doors and send workers home early, so they could make the trip safely before roads get too icy to travel on.
The Greenville Police Chief, Lonzo Ingram, says, "Well we've been prepped for it for a long time, but right now we're going around and telling our businesses. We're going to strongly encourage our business people to let their people go home."
And the roads aren't the only concern when it comes to ice, "The concern right now is if the electricity goes off and the power lines go down, otherwise I think we're in pretty good shape because a lot of people have decided to stay in and we're very glad of that," says Greenville Mayor, Dexter McLendon.
The captain of the Greenville Fire Department says they have the majority of their staff on hand as the weather progresses, and are expecting many emergency calls, "These are amplified strictly by the road conditions. We expect a lot more wrecks on the roads tonight, and with the people inside and the temperatures so cold a lot of issues with house fires because of the extra heating required."
The mayor also says 911 lines are being overwhelmed with calls asking about what is going to happen as the weather gets worse. He asks that people only dial 911 for emergencies so that crews can properly help those who need it. 
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