Stanhope Elmore High School Coach Faces Rape Charges


By Catalina Trivino

A high school teacher in Millbrook faces rape charges after allegedly forcing a student to have sex with him. Now, a judge says there is enough evidence to take the case to a grand jury.


A Millbrook Police officer took the stand saying Stanhope Elmore high school teacher and track coach, Jeffrey Stanton, raped a 17-year-old student in his classroom.

Millbrook police detective, Kirk Pelham, says Stanton turned himself into police after a student claims he had raped her in his classroom about nine months ago.
"He pulled her pants and her panties down and held her over the desk and raped her there in the classroom," Said Pelham.
Pelham says the rape happened in May of last year, but it was reported late last month. It's why Stanton's attorney, Richard White, believes the rape allegations are false.


"17-year-old girls and 70-year-old people and 40-year-old people sometimes, for whatever reason, don't exactly always tell the truth," Said White.

But the prosecution says they have not only interviewed the student, but they say they have text messages of Stanton asking the student to send him photos.

"It's disturbing for the public in general when you find out the people you trust our children to are taking advantage of them sexually. And it's even more disturbing when you find out it's happening in a high school," Said Elmore County District Attorney, Randall Houston.

Andre Harrison with Elmore County Schools says no decision has been made on Stanton's employment.

"Normally in a case like this, one must place the person on administrative leave pending the investigation," Said Harrison, who also says the school has handed the investigation over to police.
Harrison says Stanton has been with the school system as a math teacher the last two years.

The case will continue on to grand jury in April.


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