State Senator Fights Against Alcohol In Indian Casinos


By Alabama News Network

An Alabama lawmaker wants to keep draft beer and Sunday alcohol sales out of Indian casinos.

He also says a case pending before the state supreme court case shows why the Wind Creek Casino in Wetumpka shouldn't be included in recent bills to expand alcohol sales in Elmore county. 
State Senator Bryan Taylor says he's worried about a court case involving the Poarch Creek Indian casino in Atmore.
Last year, a man was accused of being drunk after leaving that casino, and getting into a wreck that killed someone else.
The case was dismissed in trial court, because the state doesn't have authority over Indian casinos.
Taylor says the same thing could happen in Wetumpka if expanded alcohol sales are allowed. 
The family of the victim has now brought the case to the state supreme court. New bills this year would allow Wetumpka's casino to be included in Sunday sales and draft beer. Senator Taylor is fighting to keep it out of the legislation.
"I don't think we should be expanding the privilege to serve alcohol to somebody, to a business that argues they're not subject to liability to irresponsibly exercising that privilege," said Sen. Taylor. 
I reached out to the Poarch Creek Indians and they sent a statement saying that they feel targeted. They said in that statement that,  "We are a business like everyone else in the area and should be treated equally.  Passing legislation that excludes a particular group or business is not good policy or law. All businesses should be able to sale draft beer or Sunday sales."
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