Storms Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Damage


By Amanda Wade

Storms leave behind thousands of dollars in damage to homes and businesses in Opp.

Some community members say they are still in shock after hearing tornado sirens just before two 40-foot Cedar trees crashed into their house without warning, and now, they are left trying to pick up the pieces.

Donald Purdin and Tammy Reed's house is covered in limbs and debris after the Opp fire chief says heavy winds caused the trees to fall on top of the house. Both Reed and Purdin say it was a shock they will not soon forget, "I was in my bedroom sleeping and it was just a big bang and it bounced me up out of the bed. I thought a car came crashing through the house," says Purdin. Reed adds, "It's not raining, not windy, I walk in the front door, sit down, and trees crash on the house, just all of the sudden."

Purdin says he recently renovated the front porch, and believes that is the reason neither of them are hurt, "If I hadn't of done that with these 4 by 6's (knocks on porch) it would have took out the living room."

They say they have not had power since Sunday morning. The house has an old electric system and without home owner's insurance, they both say it could cost thousands of dollars they do not have to fix it, "We've ran an extension cord now to the neighbors house, so we can run the refrigerator, unplug it, make a pot of coffee, plug the refrigerator back up, and running the fire place," says Reed.

Both say neighbors are helping them cut the trees down from the house. They also say an electrician offered to help them get their power restored even though they do not have the funds to pay for the repairs.

Opp's Fire Chief also tells us a tree fell on a housing complex and several businesses had damage to signs and awnings. He says there are no injuries from the storm, and there are no indications that a tornado touched ground.

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