Tallassee Child Killed In Dog Attack Name Identified


By Catalina Trivino

From Tallassee -- we now know the name of the little girl killed in a dog attack. 4-year-old, Summer Sears, was killed while playing in her grandfather's unfenced backyard.

After Summer's grandfather had not heard from her for about 30 minutes, he saw a white dog dragging her. We spoke with friends of the family who say they're totally distraught that this has happened...

Tears run down Janet Conn's face as she looks at the scene where 4-year-old Summer was attacked by at least one dog, maybe two. Police say the dogs belong to a neighbor.

"This is where it happened in the trailer that I rented," pointed out Conn. The trailer is located on Lower Tuskegee Road, just outside of downtown Tallassee. "And that's where the grandfather that rented me the trailer last summer, that's where he was living and taking care of his grand-daughter. It was right here in the grey and white trailer. And the field behind it is where they say the little girl got drug... and the grandfather tried to get her."

Conn describes Summer as an "angel" after getting to know her the last several months. She calls the scene as horrific -- so does Police Chief, Jimmy Rodgers.

"The child had sustained many bite marks and it was obviously not a normal attack. The was I described it earlier is what you'd envision when somebody gets attacked by a wild bear," Said Rodgers.

He says animal control has taken two dogs. While one dog was seen dragging Summer, police still don't know if the other dog was involved.

"One is a very large shepherd mix dog, probably weighing about 75 lbs., and then we also got a large black lab mix that probably weighs about 75 lbs.,as well, that are known to frequent this area," Said Rodgers.

Conn says she's seen the white dog, the same one police say dragged the child, roaming the neighborhood.

"The dog just... it wasn't right. It was like he watching prey. Like a lion. Fixing to pounce," Said Conn.

She along with other neighbors say they're staying indoors for safety until they know if the dogs in custody are the ones who killed Summer.

The police chief says a neighbor owns the dogs that were taken in. He says the owner could be charged pending the investigation.

Summer's body has been sent to forensic sciences. Investigators hope to have results soon on whether the dogs they have, are the ones that killed her.

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