Tallassee Voters Debate Sunday Alcohol Sales


By Brittany Bivins

In Tallassee, it's against the law for you to buy alcohol on Sundays, but a bill approved by the legislature last session could change that, if voters agree.

It's a debate that's gone on here for years, with strong feelings on both sides.

"It's the Sabbath day. The Lord's day. And you know you shouldn't be doing stuff like that on the Lord's day," said Amy Thrower, a Tallassee resident.

City Councilman Charles Blalock supports Sunday alcohol sales and says now is the time to settle it.

"We're conservative as it relates to our religion and all, but we need to open up a little bit. We've got young folk here that I hate to see going out of town every weekend, and then when they are out of town, they're going to have a little alcohol and they're going to take the chance on driving back home," he said.

The legislature approved putting the measure on the city ballot, but there have been questions about when residents would weigh in. City officials say the vote is set for November, when they hope the most voters will show up.

"If people are not that motivated to come out during the primaries, then we have a low count of who's going to vote for it and somewhat a different representation of the city," said Councilman Terrel Brown.

Voters will receive a separate ballot to decide on the measure, when they head to the general election polls on November 4th.

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