Controversy Continues Over Obama Visit and 50th Celebration Events

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- Controversy continues to swirl around President Obama's visit to Selma -- and some of the events planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Movement.

One Year Later: Winter Storm 2014

If you were living in Montgomery this time last year, you can probably remember what you were doing -- whether it was at home or on the road. That's when the city shut down because of its icy conditions. But Montgomery city leaders say they've made changes to how they would deal with the cold weather today.

AUM Professor Still Waiting on his Same-Sex Lawsuit Against State

A local professor is still waiting to see how the courts will rule in his case against the state regarding same-sex marriage.

Teen Victim in Baby Scheme Rape Case Mentally Challenged

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- More information in the case about a Dallas County couple who police say raped a teen aged girl to try and get her pregnant so they could keep the baby for themselves.