Two Year Anniversary Of Triple Murder In Hayneville


By Catalina Trivino

Today marks the two year anniversary of when 9-year-old twins and their babysitter were found dead in Hayneville.Tonight, we're taking you back to the scene of the crime to see how the murder changed the community and to find out what's next for the man who is accused of killing them.

It was the infamous murder in Hayneville that shook up that part of town in 2012. To this day, neighbors say they won't forget the day the twins and their babysitter were found dead. For some, the scene was just in their back yard.

This dirt road on Highway 21 in Hayneville is peaceful now. But William Crawford recalls vividly what happened June 5, 2012.

He lived next door to 9-year-old twins, Jordan and Taylor Dejerinett. They and their babysitter, Jack Girdner, were found dead on that so-called quiet dirt road.

"[I] found out they had been murdered and all. You know, and it hurts. And it just was heart-breaking," Said Crawford, who now lives just blocks away from where the triple-homicide took place.

He says looking down the dirt road brings back the memories.

"You know, I really don't want to go that route, but when I pass by it... yeah... I often think about them," Said Crawford.

It was a murder that shook those who lived along Highway 21 and put Deandra Lee in jail as a suspect in the murders.

"People were angry that something like that would even happen!" Said Evelyn Hooks, who lives down the road from the murder scene. "I couldn't understand. At first, we had no idea as to why."

And two years later...

"These are just the interviews in this case." Lowndes County District Attorney, Charlotte Tesmer, brought binders filled with information on the case. Just one of them was a two-inch binder with 25 witnesses.

While the stacks were high, she hopes all the work and research prosecuters have done will bring justice to both families involved.

"It was senseless. When you have children that are victims of murder and elderly people, those are the citizens we need to protect most," Said Tesmer.

Lee is considered innocent until proven guilty, but Tesmer says come trial day she's asking for the death penalty.

Until then, neighbors remember the road...

"How close I live to where it happened at," Said James Caldwell.

They remember the victims...

"They were always smiling," Said Crawford.

And the man believed to have killed them like it was yesterday.

"I pray that we don't have to go through nothing like this," Said Hooks.

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