Workers Blame Auto Supplier For Illness


By Alabama News Network

Workers at a Selma auto supplier are speaking out about health problems they say are being caused by the plant. 

The Renosol company in Selma makes seats for car suppliers like Hyundai and some are saying those materials that make up those seats are making them sick. 

The plant employs about 90 workers that have to handle a material called T-D-I on a daily basis. 

If precautions aren't taken, it can lead to serious health problems.

Kimberly King says she's developed asthma-like symptoms because of exposure.

"The TDI alarm has been going off constantly, but since they've been down here it hasn't been going off. They say it was either humidity or the ventilation but they haven't, you know, they haven't given us complete satisfaction on it," said King.

And she isn't the only one coming forward with claims that plant caused health problems.

"At night when I was pregnant I couldn't hardly sleep with this congestion. I couldn't take anything because I was pregnant. It was really hard," said Letasha Irby.

But Lear Corporation, who owns the Renosol plant, says that every problem has been dealt with properly and there is nothing to be concerned about. 

"Whenever there is anything that's an allegation of concern, we investigate it thoroughly. In this case it woulkd have been allegations of chemical exposure. We sent our own team of health experts in, we found no issues. We hired two independent testing firms. They also found no issues," said Mel Stephens with Lear Corporation. 

OSHA is investigating the facility, but some some employees say they are happy with the conditions and the way the plant is run.

"It is safe. We have quality issue, we have safety issue, they be on top of their job. I have no reason to sit here and lie for nobody, they really be on top of their job," said Jacqueline Atkins.

King says the results of that OSHA investigation are still pending.

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