Year-Round Daylight Saving Time In Alabama?


By Alabama News Network

It's something we've become used too, but how would you like to stop springing forward and falling back every year?

One Alabama lawmaker is pushing to extend daylight saving time year round.
We'd all have a chance to keep the daylight a little longer in the evening, and that's part of why State representative Greg Wren is pushing this forward. 
In just a few weeks you'll be setting your clock forward. But if State Representative Greg Wren's bill passes, you'll never have to fall back again. 
"The fact is that most people don't like it getting dark at 4:30 in the winter months. Kids have a problem. Kids are going home in darkness in the evening hours. Much more so that the morning hours with the extension that would stay," said Wren. 
Daylight saving was put in place by the federal government in 1966 to help American's, and particularly farmers, make better use of the daylight during the summer months, making the sunlight last longer in the evening. 
"The farm community 60 or 70 years ago sought this through federal legislation. But the differences are now we have headlights on farm tractors, we have GPS on farm tractors, it's not the issue that it was," said Wren. 
And some people around Montgomery wouldn't mind getting off work and still have some daylight left during the winter months.
"Sure. I would like that. I would like that. I don't have no problem with that," said resident Roosevelt Walker.
"In my opinion it's, people have gotten used to the daylight savings time now. The changes twice a year, it's not that big of an issue with  me. It would be kind of a minor issue, but I'm sure that if they went ahead and changed it in a couple years it would be old hat.," said Felix Harris.
But not everyone wants to miss out on an extra hour of sleep in the fall.
"I think they ought to leave it alone. Because we deserve that extra hour of sleep whenever we get that fall back time. So just leave it alone," said Steve Webb. 
The bill is still in committee and hasn't come to either floor yet. 
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