Tuesday, December 1, 2015

African Exchange Student Talks about Legacy of Nelson Mandela
By Ellis Eskew

Joyce Leboo is 15 years old. A long way from her native Kenya.
But her heart is still close to her homeland.
Hearing of Nelson Mandela's death was sad for her.

"I was pretty upset, quite upset about it because Nelson Mandela was a great leader," said Leboo.

She says mandela was not like anyone else.

"Not only did he heal Africa, but he let them forgive," said Leboo.

And she says children all over Africa know who he was.

"Every little kid that grows up, if you ask who their hero is, it will be Nelson Mandela. He's actually my role model in making peace to the whole world."

Joyce Leboo wants to carry that peace with her and is determined to carry out Mandela's legacy in her own life.

 "I think the world would be one of the greatest places to be if everybody in the world are like brothers and sisters. No races, no tribalism, no anything. Just love, peace, and unity," said Leboo.

And her teacher at Park Crossing High School says Joyce definitely lives out those qualities and is having a huge impact on those around her.

"She is truly inspiring in spreading the goodwill that we hear about during the holidays... "goodwill towards men". Joyce is an example of that. She spreads goodwill everywhere she goes all day long and we are so lucky to have known her," said ESL teacher Elizabeth Fryer.