Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Auburn Graduates Entering Less Than Ideal Job Market
By Amanda Wade

As more than 3,000 students graduate from Auburn, most of them are headed into the workforce.

The good news? Unemployment is down nearly half a percent, but some people are worried that is because more people have stopped looking for work, "I don't really know how much it will affect my industry, but I'm doing more environmental, so it's growing, but there's limited funds for it. So, I'm kind of just trying not to worry," says new graduate, Giuliana Corsini.
Many parents add graduation means a break for their bank accounts, "This is a big deal. Momma gets a raise, but it's worth every penny in my opinion," says Corsini's mother, Christine Pickens.
Even though the current job market is not ideal, many graduates, like Christopher Clayton, say they have big plans for their new degrees, "This Summer, I'm going to Japan for two months to study abroad to learn Japanese, and then I'm starting work in August at a company called Harris Corporation down in Milburn, Florida."
Another graduate, John Liscar, Jr., adds, "I'm actually going to enlist in the Air Force, start doing that probably in the beginning of the Fall. I've got a two to three year commitment, and then hopefully have gotten a masters degree by then and get a big boy job."
As some apply for jobs across the country, others says Auburn has become a second home for them and they would like to one day give back to their alma mater, "I hope to eventually to get my Ph.D, and just carry on and do research, maybe come back and teach one day," says Jennifer Roberts. 
There were four separate ceremonies held for graduation; two on Saturday and two on Sunday, with the last one beginning at 4pm.