Friday, November 27, 2015

Should Alabama Have a State Lottery?
By Ellis Eskew

 Once again a state lottery will be brought up in the Alabama legislature in the upcoming session.
     The Democratic leader in the Alabama House is calling for the Legislature to approve it.

House Minority Leader Craig Ford of Gadsden says a lottery could create as much as 250 million dollars annually for schools.
     He says many Alabamians go to other states like Florida, Georgia and Tennessee to play anyway.
     The lottery has been a controversial topic in the state for over a decade.
     After being proposed by then Governor Don Siegleman, Alabamians voted it down back in 1999.

We asked our Alabama News Network fans on facebook their thoughts.

Rod Harrison  says..."Our education system is the laughing stock of the entire country... This is the main reason I support the lottery because of the positive opportunities our children will gain."

Brent Markwell says..."Not really sure it's a good thing to gain from others loss. Just can't get past that thought."

Chrystan Denise Owsley says..."If people don't like the lottery they don't have to play it! It's about time Alabama caught up and use those funds for our children and to help the state prosper! We need this!!"

Margaret Wilson says..."No lottery, Alabama is better than that."

Alabama is one of eight states that currently does not support a state lottery.