Thursday, November 26, 2015

MPS Interim Supt. Margaret Allen to Possibly Become Permanent Supt.
By Ashley Thompson

Schools Board Members have officially set a timeline for choosing a new, permanent superintendent.

Margaret Allen has been the Interim Superintendent for a little more than two months, after former superintendent Barbara Thompson stepped down.

After Thompson's early departure in October, Allen stepped in, picking up right where Thompson left off. And as an investigation into grade changing at Montgomery Public Schools continues, Allen says the board is still working with the State Department of Education to resolve the matter.

"We've made reports back to the state department," she says. "They requested information on some areas and we've done that and we're about the business of ensuring that corrections are in place."

One of the first things Allen did as interim superintendent was halt plans to move schools into the Montgomery Mall. Now, she says although the board has purchased parts of the mall, they don't have the money to maintain it. As a result, the move is still on hold.

"We have priorities and the board is going to have a work session where determinations will be made at that time as to whether or not and when the move would be made."

There have been four superintendents in Montgomery over a short period of time and some are concerned with what appears to be a lack of stability in the position. That's why board President Eleanor Dawkins says she wants to find permanent leadership as soon as possible and she says that could mean hiring Allen permanently for the job.

"While I am certainly open to consider any qualified applicant, I think it is only fair to publicly acknowledge the very real possibility that Mrs. Allen will be ultimately selected for this position," Dawkins says.

At Tuesday night's meeting, the board approved using a speedier process to hire a superintendent. The position will be posted immediately for 30 days and board members say they hope to select a candidate by mid January.

When we asked Allen if she wanted the job, here's what she said...

"I am very interested in supporting the board with it's mission and so if it comes to that, there's a possibility."