Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Prattville CityFest Kicks Off
By Ellis Eskew

The "Tip Tops" got things started off right as the Prattville Cityfest kicked off for a weekend full of events.

"This is a wonderful turnout. We always have one. We kind of went though some bad weather last year. So this is wonderful to have this kind of crowd and everybody is revved up of course the tip tops have always been an asset to the whole Prattville cityfest feeling when we kick it off on friday nights," said Patty Vanderwal with the Chamber of Commerce.

For many, they come and bring the family.

"For my daughters, I got a 7 year old and this one and they love to come out and listen to the music and do all the activities and eat all the food," said Mary Selvage.

The food is always a crowd pleaser. From grilled chicken on a stick and everything in between... And sweet tea is on tap!

"We still have a lot of partners of Prattville from the tri-county area, River Region area. Really important to keep that community feeling," said Mayor Bill Gillespie.

It's all part of bringing the community together for a weekend full of fun.

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