Monday, November 30, 2015

School Bus Accident Leaves One Wetumpka Man Dead
By Alabama News Network

An Elmore County school bus and two other vehicles collide this morning, leaving the driver of one car dead.

No one on the bus was hurt, but local residents we spoke to say they are worried that the area isn't safe. 
Three vehicles collided on this rainy road in Wetumpka Monday morning. The driver of this maroon SUV, 37 year old Wetumpka resident Shane Lambert, was killed in the crash.
Two people in the other car had minor injuries.
Melvin Duncan lives just down the road from where the cars crashed. He says the highway sees a lot of traffic during the day. 
"14 is a very traveled highway and a lot of times people don't realize that there's a lot of people that stay on 14. A lot of people turning on and off 14, trying to access 14," said Duncan.
The bus only lost one tire in the ordeal. There were almost 50 students on their way to Elmore County High School onboard, and they were all fine. Another bus came to pick them up and finish the route. 
Duncan is concerned that not only is the road busy, but it could continue to be dangerous for students and other drivers. 
"We've tried to tell the highway department that there's been many wrecks and fatalities on this road. We've tried to get them to lower the speed limit at the top of the hill and the bottom of the hill," said Duncan.
Elmore County Schools Superintendent Jeffrey Langham says that safety is a priority with any bus route. But sometimes the school system doesn't have a choice with where the buses go. 
"We always enter into those routes looking at all of those issues, but keeping in mind too as far that access to neighborhoods and actually getting students, many many times our options are very limited," said Langham.