Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Search For Missing Fisherman Continues In Autaugaville Lake
By Catalina Trivino

From Autauga County -- authorities are on day two of a search for a fisherman who possibly drowned.

The search has been suspended after hours of diving and dragging the waters. So far, they've found nothing.

Family and friends of David Taylor tell us he went fishing alone on Sunday and never came back. So now, they're waiting for answers -- and with the cold and rainy conditions since he's gone missing, the question is -- 'Is he in the water?' or 'Is he somewhere out there alive?'

Rescue squads in the water; sheriff's deputies on land -- hoping for any sign of 47-year-old, David Taylor, who's been missing since Sunday after Autauga County deputies say they found his truck and tacklebox near the lake. Inside of it, an upside down canoe and his boot.

"The crews on the boat are very cold and so they are able to go out for about 30 or 45 minutes and then they'll change shifts, some get in the tent and heater and try to warm up before they get back out there, but I wouldn't say it's hampering the search, but I would say it makes it tougher," Said Kyle Glover, an Autauga County commissioner who spent the last two days on scene.

But it's not just the cold weather slowing down the search. Investigators say the dark water doesn't help -- especially with temperatures in the low 40's.

Another hindrance that has slowed down the investigation is the size of the lake, which is about 17 acres, along with all the thick roots rescue teams have to sift through.

"In some places it goes to like two feet [deep], it just drops off to 20 feet [deep], back to two feet [deep]. It's uneven out there," Said Autauga County Sheriff's OfficeChief Deputy, Joe Sedinger.

"It's pockets of different levels," Said Glover.

Now, more than a dozen family members and friends. Wait on the scene to hear word about Davis.

"It's helpless, like I can't do nothing for him. I need to do something for him and I can't," Said Taylor's cousing, Gregory Davis.

And they wont rest until he's found.

"[I've had] no sleep because I just wanted to be here. I even called his number last night, I woke up and called his cell phone number... and went straight back to voicemail," Said Taylor's sister, Denise.

Investigators say they're hoping Taylor at least swam out and is perhaps out in the woods. They say it's possible the low water temperatures along with the air outside has put him in shock, which is why they have investigators searching the grounds.

Family and friends of Taylor say he knows how to swim. Investigators say they'll resume the search in the morning. They do not believe foul play is involved.