Monday, November 30, 2015

What Will Bring Businesses To Prattville's High Point Town Center?
By Amanda Wade

If you have been through Prattville lately, you may have noticed more businesses all around the city, but High Point Town Center still has many vacant store fronts waiting to be filled.

So what will it take to get retailers to set up shop?

Since developers built High Point nearly six years ago, they have hit a few road bumps. After a 2011 bankruptcy and an auction on the courthouse steps, Jim Wilson and Associates took over as the property manager in 2012.

In the past two years, a few businesses have set up shop at High Point, but many still have a 'For Lease' sign hanging on the door, "I see it as being in a bad location because it's away from the road too far. It's up on the hill and all you see are those barriers, walls, and the fences and so forth. You don't really see the stores. So there's really nothing to draw people in if you don't know it's there," says Rick Acker, who lives in Prattville.

The manager of Prattville's Lowe's, which is next to High Point Town Center, says filling the vacant store fronts would bring more business and revenue to all retailers in the area, "I know my kids would love to see stores like American Eagle and Aeropostale, some of the stores that are in outlet type stores, or mall type environments would be great. And I think it would do really well with the amount of young kids in this area," says manager, Joe Adams.

Earlier this year, Chicken Salad Chick, The Wharf, and Mid Town Pizza announced they will be adding locations to the shopping center.