Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Alabama News Network Mailbox

Fans Prepare for the Iron Bowl
Thousands of people are taking The Plains by storm.

Customers Shopping Locally Owned Stores on Black Friday
For Stephen Brooks, spreading holiday cheer comes natural as customers admire items in a calmer environment on Black Friday in downtown Prattville. "We get the music going and we just get them back into the spirit of Christmas again rather than all the frenzy from going out and getting all those packages and goodies." Brooks is the co-owner of Carol Brooks Home and Holiday Shop. During this time of the year, the shop's major must have items include candles and jewelry. "The list goes on and on down to the pre-packaged items we have where you can pick them up right away." While Black Friday lasts for a day, this shop shares Christmas year-round with a loft full of gifts. "Folks can work all-year long planning on what they want to put together, especially in the department 56 area and if they want to pick up some up some of the Christmas ornaments throughout the year." In addition to shopping locally, some customers prefer online shopping for Black Friday. "I would prefer to do that and I feel like you get the same deals and you don't have to deal with the crowds and the lines," says Cindy Locklear. Less crowds but the same savings. "I care about them staying in our city and I just enjoy shopping down here."

MPD Charges 3 in Thanksgiving Day Murders
Three people have been charged in connection with a deadly shooting that happened Thanksgiving morning in Montgomery.

Governor Bentley Serves Food to the Hungry
Governor Bentley served food at Friendship Mission, a local soup kitchen. Even though Bentley served the food, he says he feels like he has been blessed.

Wind Creek Montgomery Expansion Opening Tuesday
A major expansion will soon be complete at Wind Creek Montgomery.

City Prepares for 60th Anniversary of Montgomery Bus Boycott
It's a big year for Montgomery as the city hosts major anniversary events. First, the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Selma to Montgomery March. And now the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Brace for Delays During Holiday Travel
An alert for all flyers during the busiest time of the year. The U-S State Department issued the alert because of an increased threat of terror attacks.

American Kennel Club Show Comes to a Close in Montgomery
The American Kennel Club Dog show ended today, with the Cahaba Valley Kennel Club's showing and competition for best in show.

Trump vs. Protester
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump had quite a day in Birmingham yesterday. During the campaign rally, a fight broke out between a 'Black Lives Matter' protester and other event attendees.

Norman Bridge Fatal Accident
45-year-old Eddie Bibb Jr. Of Montgomery was taken to a local hospital after his honda motorcycle collided with a Chevrolet silverado. The accident happened around 6:30 yesterday evening on Norman Bridge Road and West Fleming Road.