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EXTRA: "Yellowhammer"

Governor Bentley's alleged affair and possible misuse of state resources has filled the headlines over the last few weeks. One website's been breaking story after story. Who's behind Yellowhammer News? You've probably heard and seen… continue reading ›

EXTRA: Follow Me

From Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat, there are a number of social media platforms to choose from. however, many people are confused when it comes to getting likes or increasing the number of… continue reading ›

i-Team: Montgomery Recycling

There was a ground-breaking ceremony in July of 2013 for a unique new municipal recycling facility in Montgomery. It was built with the promise that as much as 85 % of Montgomery's household garbage… continue reading ›

West Alabama: What's Next?

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- Selma and West Alabama captured the world spotlight last month with the 50th anniversary of the historic Voting Rights marches of 1965. But now THAT attention is over and all the crowds are gone -- leaving the area with all the same old issues to deal with. continue reading ›