Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Fire Leaves Family Mourning
By Amanda Wade

The Christmas season turns tragic for one family as a house fire leaves six people battling smoke and flames to get out of the house, but only five made it out.

The blaze started around 3:30am Christmas morning at Ladon and Jenny Frazier's home on County Road 70 in the Babbie Community. Family members say they have been told there are indications of an electrical fire, causing a total loss and not just of property. 
The Covington County Sheriff's Department says 56 year old Bobby Sorrells, who was visiting his fiance's family from Louisville, Kentucky, was trapped in a bedroom as the fire destroyed the home. 
"It was rolling out of the windows and the overhead. We were informed there was a person trapped, so we confined our efforts to the area where the person was, but it was just too far gone to make a rescue," says Chris Short, the Babbie Volunteer Fire Department Chief.
Firefighters say it took over 7,000 gallons of water to contain the flames. Rose Hill Volunteer Fire Department assisted Babbie in fighting the blaze, and one firefighter says it's the worst house fire he's seen in his 16 years with the department.
"First fire we've had anybody that was burnt up in the fire. There's been some more around, but in our neighborhood this is the first one since we've got our fire department going," says Rose Hill firefighter, Gary Moore. 
Family members say two people, including a three year old girl, escaped out the back window of the home, and the other three through the front door. Firefighters say they all noticed many cords connected to Christmas lights, and warn of the dangers that can pose. "So people need to really be careful that you're not overloading circuits of your house and all with additional light this time of year," says Short.
Family members say three of the people in the fire were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.
The State Fire Marshall says the fire is still under investigation and they are completing an autopsy on Sorrells to determine the exact cause of death.