Crime Rate Dropping In Greenville


By Amanda Wade

Police sirens are a sound many people in Greenville may not be hearing as often this year.

Investigators say the crime rate for felonies committed in 2014 has dropped nearly 20% compared to this time last year.

Lieutenant Justin Lovvorn says little things are adding up to make the big different in the drop, like an added focus on teamwork in the department, "I've had a case that I was working on that I had run into the ground, and one of the other investigators that works for me just said, 'Well, what if you called this person and asked them about this?' and I'm like 'You know what, that's a great idea.' You know and I should have thought of that, but I was so busy running down all the other things that were in front of me, that sometimes you blindside yourself."
He also says the patrol division changes their patrol grounds randomly, making it difficult for criminals to predict where an officer could be at any given time.

Officers, like Cole Wyatt, also say there are a few things you can do to help keep the crime rate low, "Keep your valuables out of sight from outside the car. Most the time, crimes like that are a crime of opportunity, and if someone walks by and sees you have a cellphone or some money laying out, they'll bust the window, get it real quick, and be gone."
Lovvorn adds, "We really appreciate any information on crime that people know have been committed. To contact our office, to contact and investigator, we do have ways that you can remain anonymous."
Investigators say they have solved more than 90% of the cases for 2014. They believe that rate could also be a deterrent for criminals, because they know there is a greater chance of being caught.
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