Mud Riding Costs Crenshaw Co. Thousands


By Amanda Wade

Mud riding might seem like just another fun past time for many people, but the damage it's causing in Crenshaw County is costly in more ways than one.

Crenshaw County deputies say mud riding is damaging dirt roads and costing the county thousands of dollars in gravel and equipment to fix. The Sheriff says the next step to stopping the destruction is handing out charges for reckless driving.

"We're in the process of obtaining a 4-wheel drive vehicle where we can patrol these roads better and get up and down some of the spots because they're in such a mess that you can't even get up and down them on a vehicle," says Crenshaw County investigator, Mike Johnson.

For people who live on these dirt roads, the ruts and ditches cause problems that are affecting more than just their driving. The damage costs them time, "I got stuck on my dirt road and my dad actually had to come pull me out and I was late to work, but, I mean, there's nothing we could really do about it," says Ashley Gorey, a Davis Road Resident.

Some people who live on these dirt roads say the mud riding also costs them sleep, because trucks come through at all hours of the night and are loud enough to wake people up.

Deputies say they have already started issuing citations for mud riding and damaging the roads.

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