Pulled Over For Good Driving Rewards in Opp


By Amanda Wade

Blue lights in your rear view mirror could be a frightening site for most drivers, but in the city of Opp, seeing those blue lights could bring you a free lunch instead of a ticket.

Police in Opp say they have given out over 100 coupons to safe drivers for free hamburgers. Pulling them over when they are obeying laws to give them a reward as a way to promote traffic safety and communication with the public, "I think it builds relationships with people, and whenever you build relationships with people whether it's in a typical enforcement action or if it's something positive like this, you know, the better your opportunity is to know what's going on in the community," says Opp Police Chief, Mike

And many drivers we spoke with say so far it's working by making them become more aware on the roads, "It'll give people inspiration to turn on their blinker and put on their seat belt," says Barbara Kring, a driver in Opp.

Opp Mayor, John Bartholomew, says the program also helps the economy, "They're not just going to get a cheeseburger. They'll go and get a coke and a fry and some other things and they'll bring their children in and they'll talk about it. And that gets them into the restaurant. Plus it brings us tax revenue back to the city."

Opp Police also hope the program will help combat crime by positively reinforcing good deeds.

The coupons are donated to the city by Hardee's.

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