Senator Jeff Sessions Visits Greenville And Answers Community Questions


By Amanda Wade

United States Senator Jeff Sessions visited Greenville to talk with community members and answer their questions about current issues in the government.

Nearly 30 community members and business owners came with questions for Sessions.

The hot topic? President Obama's recent announcement on immigration reform, Sessions says, "The house said it was dead on arrival. It would not have worked. It would have increased dramatically the number of immigrants coming to the country over the current one million a year and we would have provided amnesty to an untold millions, probably at least 11 or more million."
Sessions answered questions about welfare dependency, saying he believes the federal aid office in America should be converted into a job promotion office, "There ought to be a counselor to talk with that person in detail about their abilities, education they need and the training they need, and to convey to them that they have to help themselves or they can't continue to get these benefits."
Sessions also spoke about business taxes in America compared to other countries. He says the U.S. has a 35% corporate tax code compared to England's 21% and Canada's 15%.

Cleve Poole, Butler County's Commission for Economic Development Chairman, says, "America has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. If the congress would lower that, then that would make it easier for companies that are outside of America to come into America and maybe come to Greenville."

Sessions also announced he may chair the budget committee for the Senate.

Butler County is the 10th county Sessions visited over a span of two days.
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