Saturday, November 28, 2015

Warmer Weather Having An Effect On Greenville's Economy
By Amanda Wade

The weather is heating up and, in Greenville, so are sales.

Many business owners say they are seeing a rise in sales over last summer, and they say the spike in temperatures is a big help.

Managers say the summer season started nearly six weeks early. Higher temperatures are giving customers cravings for ice cream; One business is selling nearly 75 gallons each week, "We're up in our sales overall. For instance, my ice cream is almost doubled in sales, you know, with the summer business and people headed to the coast it just makes it easy," says Shell Depot Manager, Thomas Matthews.

Last year, the Edge movie theatre hit a summer slump in July, but with movies like Maleficent and Transformers 4 hitting screens, "We'll probably be up over last year based on the movie schedule that we see right now," says general manager, Michael Nimmer.

The theatre is not the only business seeing a rise. Bates House of Turkey owners say business is booming from beach goers. Co-owner, Becky Sloane, says sales are already up 5% from last Summer, "People I've talked to on the coast, most of the motels and things are booked for the summer, so and that's, you know, showing out here."

The movie theatre manager adds they are expecting more than a 10% increase in sales from last summer.

Many of those local businesses say the summer vacation season is their most profitable.