Thursday, November 26, 2015

Zaxby's Gives Andalusia Man New Lease On Life
By Amanda Wade

An Andalusia man gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a fast food restaurant hires him.

In August, John "Tiny" Likely weighed 500 pounds. That is when he applied for a job at Zaxby's, asking them to take a chance on him, "I told them, you know, I'm 500 pounds. Of course, I'm not going to be as fast as the other guys, but one of the things that I guaranteed them was that I would give them 100%, and whenever they need me, I will be there," says Tiny.

Andalusia's Zaxby's gave him the job, and even bought him a gym membership. When he started last August, Tiny couldn't keep up with the workload. He also could not fit into the uniform, wearing a black t-shirt to work instead, but that did not stop his mission, "I just wanted to be part of the team. I just wanted to fit in. So that's when the Zaxby's fitness challenge started. Now, I am proud to say I went from an 8XL shirt to a 2XL shirt. I went from a size 60 pants, y'all, to a size 48," says Tiny.

He has lost 150 pounds in just over nine months, but he is not stopping there. His goal? To lose 300 pounds total.

He has gained the support of the city; more than 1,500 people follow his weight loss journey on Facebook.

If you want to follow Tiny on his fitness journey, you can find him on Facebook at TeamTiny Andalusia.