Thursday, November 26, 2015

South Alabama Newsroom

Turkey Prices Increase because of Last Year's Bird Flu
If you have not bought your Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, you might have some sticker shock. Turkey prices are up.

Greenville Keeps Growing
The number of choices for good food is growing in the city of Greenville. That is because Zaxby's is coming to town. The new restaurant brings new growth for the city.

Credit Card Fraud Leaves Local Businesses Uneasy
Two men are facing charges in connection to fraudulent credit cards. Greenville Police arrested the men who they say were traveling in the area with 58 fake cards, and could have made a huge impact on local businesses.

Safety and Security Training for Churches
The Butler County Sheriff's office and city of Greenville hosted a safety and security seminar early Thursday morning at South Side Baptist Church. The emphasis was on keeping places of worship safe in an uncertain world.

Great American Smokeout Day
Smoking is said to be one of the toughest addictions to quit. This Thursday, smokers are getting a little more encouragement to give up their habit.

Driggers Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter
Taylor Driggers pleads guilty to manslaughter in the 2014 killing of Kristen Fuller.

Andalusia Native Studying in Paris, Shares His Story
In an exclusive interview, an Andalusia native studying abroad in France speaks to the Alabama News Network about the recent attacks.

Alabama Football Legend Honored With Memorial Highway
A portion of US Highway 29 in Crenshaw County is renamed in honor of one of the county's well known football heroes.

Fort Dale Academy Honors Veterans
Fort Dale Academy in Greenville held its annual Veterans Day program. But this year the emphasis was not only on thanking the veterans, but also on teaching children to be thankful.

Butler, Crenshaw Counties Ranked Two of the Ugliest Counties in Alabama
A recent study conducted by the Washington Post has rated every county in America from the prettiest to the ugliest. There were a few surprises in Alabama's rankings.