Residents Using Website to Track Crime, Law Enforcement Says Not To


By Ashley Thompson

Some people are using a website called to get information about where they live or where they'd like to move. shows crime statistics for every city in Alabama. All you have to do is provide an address or a zip code. Some say looking up crime numbers on the internet is common.

"It's easy, convenient and you don't have to go through a bunch of red tape," says Montgomery resident Victor Khan.

Some of the statistics for Montgomery are pretty alarming. For example, if you live by Perry Hill Road and Interstate Park Drive, your chances of falling victim to property crime are 1 in 17. And the charts show that Montgomery has 79 crimes per square mile, compared to 17 crimes per square mile, which is the average for other Alabama cities.

"I feel like maybe the security isn't as strong as it should be, which is why the crime is higher," says student Jameshia Harris.

The website states that crime statistics are from the FBI but Montgomery County Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham is writing the website off, saying the numbers just aren't accurate.

"They're telling you they're numbers are not accurate," he says. "They're telling you when you read the legion, that we sometimes run 8 to 10 months behind. They're going by 1000 residents. You don't need to get it per 1000. You need to get it accurate to what's taking place in your community."

Cunningham says the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office compiles their own data, which is sent out through email.

"We do a newsletter where we send out this information," he says. "As far as property crimes, it'll show you burglaries from businesses, churches and things of this nature."

And if want to receive that newsletter through email, all you have to do is contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at (334) 832-4980.



The website says it provides data on schools, real estate and crime...but can it be trusted?

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