Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Flags Honoring Veterans Stolen From Troy Park
By Sarah Cantey

 American Flags are being stolen from a Troy Park. 

Eight on Memorial day, ten on Fourth of July. And what may sound like a victimless crime, some say is anything but. 
The flags stand for a deceased veteran of Pike County, who's name is also etched on Bicentennial Park's honor wall. Families of 399 veterans have purchased the flags and name plates.
While the flags are not designated to a specific veteran, family members say it is disrespectful and heartbreaking that people would steal the flags. 
Vice President of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 70 Wanda Vinson, her father died after 30 years of service said, "I'd rather have him here. But since he cant be. I like driving by here knowing that he did not sacrifice for nothing. He fought for those colors and those colors should fly in his name just as for the other families those colors fly in their family members names." 
The City of Troy has had to replace the flags at it's own expense. Officials say they are going to be vigilant on putting a stop to the thefts. 
Officials are pleading that the flags be returned in condition to either at the park's gazebo or the American Legion building you can leave them anonymously, no questions asked.