Millions Of Dollars In Sales Difference From Fall to Summer

Business Drops A Troy University Students Leave Town


By Sarah Cantey

 Troy University classes are now out of session meaning thousands of would-be customers to Troy businesses are going home. 

Every year businesses see a drop in sales, but just how much may surprise you. 
Numbers from the City of Troy sales tax revenue from last year- the difference from a high revenue number in October, to a low in July is about $145,000 that's a more than $7.2 million difference in sales. 
Business owners say it's not just because of the University, but also because of people traveling out of town. 
Some say having a broad customer base and sales are ways to help keep business steady and that supporting them is much more than helping their bottom lines. 
Hannah Bush an employee at First Impression said, "When you support your local businesses the tax money comes back into the town and you can just support your town that way."
Now the numbers do show some good news, after reaching a low in July sales tax revenue started to pick up come August.
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