Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vigil Held On Troy University Campus for Four Students Killed
By Sarah Cantey

Hundreds came out to remember the lives of three Troy students and one recent graduate, all killed in events off campus. 

Four candles were lit in memory of Haijao Sun, a recent graduate killed after a car wreck in Florida, Kimberle Johnson- shot and killed in a Montgomery nightclub, Kristin Fuller- killed at a party in Crenshaw County and Jadarius Garner struck by a car in Mississippi. 

The victims range from a recent graduate to a freshman, so just about every class experienced loss. Speakers tonight included University Chancellor Jack Hawkins.

Since being back in class after winter break this vigil was seen as a way to bring together the entire student body. 

President of Troy University Student Body Cody Farrill said, "Not only rebuild themselves from being upset but also move on as a family remembering that as it states in our alma matter, 'upon the mighty walls of Troy we will meet our life long friends.' However, those times do end. But, it's important for us as students to move on with this situation and keep their lives in our hearts." 

Organizers wanted this not to be a second funeral, but more of a way to reflect on the lives lost and also come together as a student body to begin to move forward.

The idea for the vigil started with members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and then the Student Government association ended up sponsoring the event.