Thursday, November 26, 2015

RVs Arrive In Auburn For Iron Bowl, Police Get Ready For Big Crowds
By Ashley Thompson

Its officially Iron Bowl week and with just five days left until one of the biggest matchups in recent history, Auburn university officials are making sure they're prepared for the tens of thousands making their way to campus.

Auburn officials allowed those with RVs to bring them up over the weekend and roads were backed up with hundreds of them. Jim Runyan tells us he was in that line up.

"Where this walkway is out here, everybody lined up on the other side of that and they're was several hundred people lined up there and it looked like the Oklahoma land rush."

Although no one is currently IN those parked RVs, they will be come Wednesday, when campus officially opens to tailgaters. And fans say there will be plenty of them.

"It's hard to describe," says fan Brittany Thach. "Just being here and getting to experience it all, especially with this kind of season and with us being number four and Alabama being number one, it's going to be very intense."

It's that intense environment that Auburn Police Chief Paul Register says he's well aware of.

"We just urge people to be responsible, be cautious, be considerate of others," he says. "Don't be that person that gets behind the wheel when you've had too much to drink and don't be that person walking down the road when you've had too much to drink."

Besides safety measures, Register says one of the most asked questions relates to counterfeit game tickets.


"This is the type of game where you will have people who try to sell counterfeit tickets and we're prepared for that. We will have extra people out there. And I would not want to be the person that is in possession of a counterfeit ticket Saturday."


But even before Saturday, the campus will be filled with fans, some even spending their Thanksgiving holiday at the RV parks.

"We have two six-foot tables lined up with turkey and dressing and trimmings, desserts and everything," says Runyan. "We'll have thirty, forty people out here."