Some Iron Bowl Tickets Going for Over $1000


By Ashley Thompson

People are paying a pretty penny to get into the Iron Bowl, with some tickets selling for over a thousand dollars.

With Alabama currently undefeated and Auburn with just one loss, the Iron Bowl will decide which team takes the SEC West title and moves on to play in the SEC Championship game. Both teams have a lot to lose and a lot to gain, making Jordan Hare Stadium the place to be next week.

Justin Stewart, an Auburn fan, tells us he remembers reasonably priced Iron Bowl tickets last year.

"I knew a guy who had bought three tickets to the Iron Bowl toward the end of last season," he says. "As you know, our season was pretty horrific so they were going for 75 dollars a piece."

Iron Bowl tickets are no longer going for $75 dollars a piece. The cost of a ticket to the game is now high and only continues to climb. Some fans tell us that's why they'll be watching from home.

"You can watch it for free," says John Crowe. "That's why I don't understand why they would pay 600 dollars to go. I wouldn't pay that much."

And 600 dollars appears to be on the cheaper end. We looked on Craigslist and Stub-hub...and found tickets upwards of $1,000 each. Warren McGhee, an Alabama fan, says he doesn't know anyone who would pay that much.

"They've got more money than they know what to do with and that's fine."

But some fans tell us if they DID have tickets, they would sell them for the going rate.

"I would most definitely sell them," says Stewart. "That would call for a great Christmas, happy family, happy wife, all of that."

According to, the cost of a ticket to the Iron Bowl is 14 percent higher than a ticket to the actual SEC Championship game. But even the smallest fans know why...

"I like Alabama sometimes and Auburn is doing a great job this year," says nine-year-old Alabama fan Hailey Mullins.

We could not locate anyone who was going to the Iron Bowl to tell us just how much they paid for their tickets but there's no doubt there are fans out there who believe the cost is worth it.

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