Black Friday Shopping Starts On Thanksgiving Night

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Black Friday deals are starting a bit early this year and many shoppers are already on the savings hunt. 

All across Montgomery eager shoppers have been lining up outside stores for more than 12 hours, and some say Black Friday shopping is a family tradition, “I’ve been doing it for 30 years.  Even with my kids when they were small,” says Sophia Lubinsky, a Target shopper.
Many savings shoppers came to the lines prepared for the weather and the waiting. Andrew Abrams, a Best Buy shopper, says, “It’s been pretty cold, but I brought the iPad, had a couple movies, just been relaxing for the most part.”
Although some shoppers are excited to brave the lines and the weather to get the best savings, others say they wish the savings would stick to Black Friday so Thanksgiving could be reserved for family.
“I think Thursday should be reserved for family and that time, so I prefer the Fridays,” says Thomas Blackwell, a father shopping for his three children at Toys R Us.
One couple, who says they shopped on Black Friday last year, says the meaning of Thanksgiving gets lost in the hustle for deals, “I think people are more focused on shopping today, and so tomorrow would have been better,” says Kristina Cookson and David Fuller, both Best Buy shoppers.
All shoppers can agree on one thing, though. They say they are thankful and hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.
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