Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Brings Out the Crowds

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‘Tis the season for caroling…. And last minute shopping.

 “Actually, this is early for me, normally Christmas Eve,” said Brent Milner.

While some usually wait til later… Others are running a little behind.

“Normally I try to get done earlier because I know that last minute you can’t find what you want to. But I normally get done about the week before Christmas,” said Carl Strong.

Gentry Lloyd came all the way from Virgina to spend Christmas with his family. And he waited until he got to Montgomery to start his shopping.

 “We’re driving so we weren’t going to bring a lot of gifts in the car. Set a budget up so I’ll be able to come down here and be able to shop and still have time with the family,” said Lloyd.

For one family… some do it early… And some late…

“My wife started about six months ago and I started today,” said one shopper.

But 4 days before shopping Christmas is actually pretty good for him.

“I’ve gotten stuck before I got married, luckily. I have gotten stuck shopping the day before Christmas. That kinda stinks. A bunch of people are closed down for the holidays by then. But luckily since I’ve been married I haven’t run into that problem. Kinda learned my lesson and I get it done a little bit earlier than I used to at least.”

But better late than never… right?

“With her, I don’t know what to get her. She’s gonna get a surprise. It might be nothing.. hahaha… Just playing,” said Milner.

For those who have checked off their lists the weekend before Christmas,  it’s a welcome relief.

“I’m done with Christmas shopping. Ready to go home and cook!” said Terri Williams.


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