Family of Slain Rapper Doe B Speaks Out

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Rapper Doe B’s family speaks to Alabama News Network saying they’re pleased with the recent arrest of a man suspected of shooting the rapper. But say they believe more people may have been involved.

Rapper Doe B was making waves in the entertainment industry but unfortunately his life was cut short and his family says they’re still trying to figure out why.

Songs like “Let Me Find Out” were putting Doe B and Montgomery on the hip-hop map. Born Glenn Thomas, Doe B was a protégé of Atlanta rapper T.I. and his family says he was going to the top.

“He wasn’t going to stop,” says his mother, Shirley Thomas. “Even though it was dangerous to be a rapper to me.”

A mother’s worst nightmare occurred when Thomas was shot to death at The Centennial Bar and Grill. Now, his family and his music partner, Frank White, want answers.

“I think wherever there is negligence, whoever it is should be held responsible,” he says. “And there was definitely a lot of negligence there.”

Doe B’s loved ones are questioning how guns even got inside the bar.

“I blame anyone who has anything to do with that over there,” says Kenneth Aaron, the rapper’s father. “The security company…the fake security company because real security should know you have to guard innocent people.”

25-year-old Jason McWilliams has been arrested for Thomas’s death, a man the family knows.

“That guy and my son used to hang together,” says Shirley. “They went to school together and they knew each other well and that’s what I can’t understand about it.”

Family members believe the incident stemmed from jealousy and although Montgomery police have made an arrest, they believe more people may have been involved.

“I’m hearing the same names over and over so I think it’s more people involved,” says Doe B’s sister Tamara Thomas. “So if anybody knows anything, they need to come forward. People need to open up they’re mouths and stop being scared.”

White says although Doe B is gone, this is not the end of his legacy. He tells us the rapper has a lot of music left to be released

Doe B leaves behind two young children  3 year old Madison and 1 year old Lauren



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