Tighter Security for Downtown New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve 2012 brought out a crowd of 5 or 6 thousand to downtown Montgomery.
For those that attended last year, they say they were pleased with the police presence that was in place.

Fritzthadus Mack says, “the security, I mean we didn’t have a lot of vandalizing, people doing crazy stuff. Security was everywhere. The MPD do a great job and I feel safe being down here. Even I feel safe being down here not New Year’s but all the time.”

As for this year, with an even bigger crowd, folks that live downtown look forward to a fun night, but say they do expect more police.

“The security is going to be hot and heavy. There are very numerous bicycle police and I expect there to be a lot more,” said Billings.

While Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy wouldn’t go in to detail about the security measures New Year’s Eve, he says you can count on seeing a big police presence.

“What we’ve implemented is double coverage. Both 2nd and 3rd shift will be out in force,” said Murphy.

No matter where you are ringing in the new year, Murphy says there will also be patrols in other parts of the city.

“Calls for service are at an increase on an evening like New Year’s Eve. Obviously, there is celebrating fair going on, people are drinking sometimes not using the best judgement, so there will be additional officers that will respond to calls and there will be also officers doing routine patrol.”


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