2014 Brings Change To Alabama Voting Law

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2014 will change the way that some people vote in the state of Alabama. 

The state passed a new law requiring you to show a photo ID whenever you vote.

And that has some people upset. 

Alabama’s previous law would let you show a bill or something with your name on it to allow you to vote. 

Now, if you don’t have something like a driver’s license or a passport, you’ll need to get a voter ID card. 

Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford thinks that the new law is a step back in time to before the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

“Well voter ID is just another method of somehow making it more difficult for african americans and democrats and seniors to vote,” said Mayor Ford. 

State’s like Georgia already have voter ID laws in place. The card you see here is an example of one of its ID’s.

But not everyone in Alabama thinks the law is a bad idea. 

Barbara Stinson lives in Montgomery and she supports the new law. 

“Well we have to use identification for everything else we have and what’s wrong with having it for voter ID,” said Stinson.

The first time you’ll be required to present a photo ID is for the primaries in June. The state announced last year that you can get a free ID from the department of safety or your local board of registrars.

Stinson says that the law isn’t violating any rights.

“No, I think people need to grow up and get real. It’s just something that… we have a system and the more that it’s used in a correct way I think everybody wins,” said Stinson.

But Mayor Ford is determined that the new laws won’t stop people from getting out and doing their civic duty. 

“What I am confident is that we cannot let voter id be an excuse for us not taking the time, the energy, whether we have to travel a distance or not, whatever is necessary we must still vote,” said Mayor Ford. 

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