Faith Matters: Outreach Church Helping The Homeless

This video is no longer available.

A Troy Church is not only offering a place for worship, but is a place to help the homeless. 

You may have noticed it off of Highway 231 outside of Troy – – The Outreach Endtime Deliverance Church stretches across 12 acres. 
Willie C. Scott started the church out of his mother’s living room more than 30 years ago. 
He hopes it continues to grow, creating a village. Right now there’s a place to worship, a homeless shelter, food pantry, mobile homes and meeting areas. 
Kathy Cooper said, “I was getting educated through this vision right here, through the education it was teaching me more about me becoming a better me.”
The founder says they have helped hundreds of people and they hope to add a restaurant and other places for the homeless to work. 
The rely on fundraisers and donations so if you would like to help call (334) 868-6753. Their mailing address is PO Box 855 Troy, AL 36081.
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